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We Eat Local

The local food movement addresses many important issues. These are interconnected and include agricultural sustainability, environmental responsibility, and fair wages for those who produce the thing most important to survival… FOOD.

Buying directly from farmers can serve all these purposes.  To see a sample of local markets that concentrate their efforts on growing and selling local foods click here. You can also meet some local farmers. From Farm to You & Meet the Farmer

Some things are part and parcel of daily life but are not produced here.  All of the above standards can be applied, minus the local connection to the land, by choosing food that is fairly traded.  In the valley we have an established local roaster/wholesaler/retailer of fair trade coffee, tea and spices.  To learn more about the “local” fair trade movement click here.  Fair Trade — Supported in Our Valley

The revival of backyard and urban gardening in Europe and other places is taking root in North America.  To learn more click here.  Growing Our Own Food

There is a growing concern that the cheap, factory farmed food that is the steady diet of most today will be gone tomorrow.  An additional, major concern is future scarcity of land and water leading to widespread famine. To learn more click here.  Politics of Food — Peak Oil and Other Issues