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Since its founding No Farms No Food (NF2) has lobbied the Municipality of Kings and the Province of Nova Scotia to protect farmland. We’ve put our money where our mouth is too!

Our fundraising efforts have resulted in the following donations:

  • $19,604 to the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust to kickstart their work to preserve farmland for farming, forever.
  • $12,882 to Oxfam Canada for women farmers in Africa.
  • $6,722 to Farmers Helping Farmers for their work in Kenya.

This grand total of $39,208 was raised on the basis of: 50% for local; and 50% for fields faraway. Why?

Kings County is home to some of the best soils on our planet and our support for the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust signifies the importance of protecting farmland.

The inclusion of Oxfam and Farmers Helping Farmers caused us to pause and reflect on what can happen when food security is taken for granted or lost. Our action on two fronts serves to highlight this while helping those much less fortunate.

These fundraising efforts remind each of us of what can be achieved through the generosity of others who care about farmland and farmers, both here and away.