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Politics of Food

Buying local foods provides us with a wide variety of healthy food. It also supports a more sustainable form of agriculture with far-reaching, social and environmental benefits.

Many now argue that our food security is in dire jeopardy.  Some estimate that in the event of a transportation crisis (e.g., in the event of a major hurricane or shortage of fossil fuels) the shelves of major grocery chain stores would empty in just a few days.  On top of this, Canada’s capacity to feed itself is diminishing.

To learn more about the need to think again about how secure our food supply really is, please consider watching this 3-minute video.

Canada’s Diminishing Food Security

A number of documentaries give an excellent overview of the real threat to food security on both a North American and global scale.

Michael Pollan’s political commentary Food Inc addresses the impact of mega corporations on our farming practices and food security.

On August 21, a Globe and Mail article about award-winning science writer Julian Cribb, underscored the possibility that the world will face widespread famine within 50-years.