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During the fight to save farmland in Canard, Port Williams and Greenwich, No Farms No Food members drew much media and public attention to the need to protect farmland and to promote local agriculture. You may remember our famously green S.O.S signs on over 500 lawns across the valley floor.

Here are several of the media releases from that well-fought battle against farmer-developers.

Media Release December 6, 2011

Media Release September 30, 2010

Media Release September 2, 2010

Grist Newsletter, August 10, 2010

Media Release August 5, 2010

Media Release July 7, 2010

Media Release June 24, 2010

Media Release June 22, 2010

Media Release June 17, 2010

Media Release June 16, 2010

Media Release June 4, 2010

Radio Ad

Postcard Mailed to Wolfville Residents RE Greenwich Proposal

Our information comes from members’ attendance at any and all meetings where the future of agricultural land is discussed.  For several years now, we have been present at Kings County Council’s Planning Advisory Committee, Committee of the Whole, Secondary Planning Strategies, Public Participation Meetings and Public Hearings.  We release information through community bulletins, media releases, letters to the editor and editorials.  We demonstrate against decisions of the Kings County Council that threaten farmland, in favour of the buy local food campaign, and we hold community meetings to better inform the public regarding the need to protect farmland and support farmers.