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Going, Going Gone

During recent years 3 parcels of farmland were formally approved by Kings County Council for residential development.

The smallest parcel in Canard was completely lost. In the process many other parcels of farmland have been placed at risk as this set a precedent for small parcels of agriculture land surrounded by farm fields

In 2010, with the approval of the local council and a brand new NDP government, hundreds of acres of prime agricultural land were also approved for development in Port Williams.

Lastly, a Comprehensive Development District was approved on February 1, 2011 by Kings County Council. This could have removed four farms in Greenwich, and a total of 382 acres from the agricultural district. Provincial approval was however required and that was denied.


The majority of the pre-2012 council members were pro-development and consistently voted in favour of moving applications to develop farmland forward. That council was described as “dysfunctional” by consultants contracted by council to perform an organizational review. A review says “personal agendas” defined how that council spent its time.

The battle by No Farms No Food and its partners to save these parcels of farmland had mixed results. Two of three applications to remove farmland land from the agricultural district succeeded, at least in part. The smallest parcel of all was lost, but the largest parcel of all was saved, largely thanks to the lobbying efforts of many in Kings County, in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Sadly, the appearance of large residential homes in the agricultural zone of our county remains a sizable problem. High capability 20-acre plus parcels of farmland are too often the site of enormous homes with little to no relationship to farm businesses. This is the result of one of the most troublesome loopholes in the current Land Use Bylaw. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pre-1994 lots are another serious threat. With your help, No Food No Food’s determination to bring this to an end, can be realized.