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From Local Farms to Your Table

Purchasing local produce directly from those who grow it can be a welcome change from shopping at the big grocery chains.  With practice, you may reach the point where only a few items need to be purchased elsewhere.

At most local farm markets the emphasis is on healthy, local food. (You won’t find junk food placed at the eye level of a three-year-old)*/941
^.  Here’s a sampling of Kings County businesses that focus on sustaining agriculture and the direct marketing of local produce.

Noggins Corner Farm

TapRoot Farms

Nova Scotia Honey by Cosman & Whidden

Fox Hill Cheese House

Porters Farm Market

Meadowbrook Meat Market

Noggins, TapRoot and other farms also offer the option of purchasing food through Community Supported Agriculture.

The Wolfville Farmers Market now offers an on-line version that will deliver a variety of local products to your community. Check it out at WFM2Go where you’ll be able to choose from a list and design a basket to contain exactly what you want to receive. Deliveries are once a week.

Select Nova Scotia offers a variety of ways you can eat local at home and on the run.