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Local Food & Fair Trade

It’s time to get to know who is growing your food. The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is helping us all do just that. You can meet your local farmers by clicking right here. Can’t be grown here, but you just gotta have it anyway? Fair trade is the most sustainable answer. Did you know the Town of Wolfville became Canada’s first fair trade town on April 17,...

From Local Farms to Your Table

Purchasing local produce directly from those who grow it can be a welcome change from shopping at the big grocery chains.  With practice, you may reach the point where only a few items need to be purchased elsewhere. At most local farm markets the emphasis is on healthy, local food. (You won’t find junk food placed at the eye level of a three-year-old)*/941 ^.  Here’s a...

Phone or Email Decision Makers

Find phone numbers and emails for your provincial and municipal representatives here.

About Us

No Farms No Food is a community coalition located in Kings County, Nova Scotia. Our volunteer work aims to preserve farmland from residential, commercial and/or industrial development. We are farmers, tourism and business operators, wildlife enthusiasts, teachers, health care professionals, lawyers and individuals from every walk of life. Our commonality? We all call the Annapolis...

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