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Canard, Kings County, District 1, 1.4 acres

Applicants Greg and Jocelyn Mackin

Councillor Jim Taylor

On November 16, 2010, No Farms No Food heard that the Mackin amendment had been approved by the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.

The Minister’s position is that she had no power to stop this development.  No Farms No Food’s position is that there were many grounds for rejection, despite the careful wording of the 4-site Group consultants, hired by council using tax payers dollars, to forward this application.

Most notably, a municipal council is not mandated to forward the interests of individuals and must focus on the public good.  The handling of this application clearly indicates a desire to favour one individual family against the welfare of the surrounding agricultural district.  On this ground alone, Minister Jennex could have ruled differently, if she had the will to do so.

Why was the development of this small piece of land opposed by No Farms No Food?  It sets a precedent for many more small agricultural lots to be developed across Kings County. Several similar lots can now be approved without amendment to the MPS and hundreds of others that are close to the “site specific” criteria can use the Mackin approval to launch an application asking for similar treatment.

It is notable that two farms operate adjacent to this land and both farms are opposed to the land being rezoned.

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At a special meeting of Kings County Council on September 21, 2010, an amendment to allow this development to proceed passed second reading.

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This development application was forwarded as a Special Project of council and financed by taxpayers on behalf of applicants Greg and Jocelyn Mackin. In June 2010 the second reading by council was deferred.  Councillor Atwater persuaded council to defer their decision until the Province’s Agricultural Land Review Committee’s Report was released.  An earlier amendment to allow this development was passed by Kings County Council in 2009 but was subsequently denied the final approval required through the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.  The 2010 amendment is fundamentally the same as the one denied in 2009.  It was expected that the current NDP Minister, like her counterpart in the former Conservative government, would not approve this amendment.